✦ TOP 5: Common Slang Used in Malaysia and Singapore

✦ TOP 5: Common Slang Used in Malaysia and Singapore

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Welcome to the “TOP 5: Common Slang Used in Malaysia and Singapore.”

For this week, we are covering some of the common slang used in Malaysia & Singapore featuring Cecile Zanetti as our illustrator.

#5  Gan Cheong

A cantonese word means hurry or inpatient while flustered or uptight.

#4  Kaypoh

A nosey person and the one who meddles.

#3  Hao Lian

Person who has extreme vanity and arrogance, often show off.

#2  Walao

“What the hell!” Often used to express frustration or when scolding a person.

#1  Lah

Lah is suffix which is used with all sorts of sentences. It is used to convey acceptance, understanding, affection and a lot more positive feeling; it is seldom associated with negative emotion. More often than not, it is used as a tag word with no particular meaning at all.

Narrowing the slang in just 5 words was harder than we thought. We missed some important ones but no worries, this is just part 1. Let us know what you think! 

Above nomination is based on personal point of view. Thank you for reading. 

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