✦ TOP 5: Cliche Touristic Attraction In Paris

✦ TOP 5: Cliche Touristic Attraction In Paris

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Welcome to the “TOP 5: Cliche Touristic Attraction in Paris.

For this week, we are covering the cliche attractions in Paris that as a tourist, you will definitely go (if you come for the first time.)

If you are driving in Paris, do not drive on this roundabout. It is literally (and we use the word properly) the most insane roundabout of France; but enough of roads. L’Arc de Triomphe, a historical monument in the heart of Paris. We’ll spare you the history lesson but know that it is connected of our #2 on this list.

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Fancy yourself some urban climbing? Montmatre, adjacent of Pigalle (you know it), will provide you with a great view of Paris without going up a building. La Basilique du Sacré Cœur stands out on its own compare to other cathedrals or churches for that matter; and the district is really nice.

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What else is there to say? You’ll have a hard time getting a picture or a selfie without strangers on your background shot and people tend to forget, you CAN get inside.

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If you are a luxury brand enthusiast, look no further, the whole street is made for you. From Cartier to Louis Vuitton HQ passing by Chanel, your budget can & will burn really fast here. The street is generally crowded but not overwhelmingly; there are the fair share of pickpockets so mind your belongings. For maximum experience, do it in Christmas time; there is a reason why it is consider the most beautiful street in the world.

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If you didn’t go to Eiffel tower, you never really visited Paris. It is the apogee of touristic attractions in Paris. Bare in mind, if you wish to go up the tower, book online early because you’ll be waiting a long time there.

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What do you think with this list? We want to hear your experiences in Paris! 

Above nomination is based on personal point of view. Thank you for reading. 

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