The first step I had in CARON Faubourg Saint Honoré made me feel like I  just stepped into a palace full of antique perfumes. The presentation of all the bottles, the golden balance for the refills, the lighting, all of these elements came into play to create a beautiful scenery. Oh, did I mention the smell? It’s a perfumery, so what to expect?

Weirdly enough,  I left the shop empty-handed. I don’t really recall the time we went in, but the shop was quite empty and it only had one advisor which was extraordinary with an undeceive customer. I did not know what I was looking for as well, so we headed out.

Now, the second time I went to CARON, it was in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The shop had the same palace-like scenery with that smell which haunts for you days and nice young lady ready to help me out.

As she approached me asking if I needed any help, I kept glazing and being utterly amazed by a Fontaine in a glass-shelf showcase. The only thing I had in my mind is “What is that?” I wanted to know the purpose and the price to see if I could afford it. The young lady, nicely enough explained to me that the Fontaine was made by Baccarat Crystal and gold; she told me with her beautiful smile that the price was 450 euros. After I picked up my jaw from the marble floor, I thought to myself (and apparently out-loud as well) “This isn’t expensive, I’ll buy it as a souvenir!” but then, she corrected herself, telling me “Hahaha, I am sorry, it is not 450 euros but 4750 euros !” I was flabbergasted as I was coming down to earth; it made sense (in a way… I’m still mad today about it.)

The young lady was still accompanying me around the shop in case I needed any help, until I stumble upon another Fontaine which I saw on the internet the previous day. Visually, the thing was gorgeous but in terms of perfume, I thought that won’t really like it since I am not very fond of “Sweet Perfumes.” As she was doing her job and trying to score a sell (or just being nice), she took a sample, handed it to me as I delicately put it by my nose.

*Deep Inhale* Shit, I felt in love with it.

The perfume that stole my heart is called “Délire de Rose.” The story behind it goes as: “Launched in May 2011, it is the last born of the Caron Perfumes, Délire de Roses is an ode to the Queen of flowers. Interlacing flowers, leaves and fruits, this composition Fontaine reunite all the new facets olfactory of roses of the world. Surprisingly, she is fresh and greedy. Stunningly, she reminds the sweet perfume of savage roses.”

Accorded with: 

Top: Lichee, Jasmine absolute.
Heart: Lily of the Valley, Rose Bush Leaves.
Base: Blended Rose Petals, Lotus Flower Absolute.

Extra Details to conclude:

The great thing with Caron is that you get to choose your own bottle which you can fill with a newly purchased perfume or even re-fill once yours is depleted (for a price of course.) Since we just purchased some, I was asked to choose a new bottle. She opened a drawer full of empty bottle designs, all I had to do is choose between these beautiful objects. Some of the bottles were rather expensive; it seemed like the price was based on the materials rather than the size. I ended up buying a 20ml bottle with some Délire de Rose perfume for 151 euros. After the purchased,the nice young lady escorted me to the door and wished me a nice holiday.

Caron Information: 

Location: 153 bd St Germain, 75006 PARIS

Nearest Metro Station: Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Opening Hours:

MON 10:30 am7:00 pm
TUE 10:30 am7:00 pm
WED 10:30 am7:00 pm
THU 10:30 am7:00 pm
FRI 10:30 am7:00 pm
SAT 10:30 am7:00 pm
SUN Closed

Phone: 01 40 49 03 40

Website: www.parfumscaron.com

Caron changed our vision on sweet perfumes. What do you think about Caron? Share your experience with us! 

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