✦ Must Not: Emporio Armani Caffé Paris

✦ Must Not: Emporio Armani Caffé Paris

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Emporio Armani Caffé

In September of 2013, my boyfriend & I went to France again for holidays. Back then, I used to work for Giorgio Armani in Singapore and I wanted to try the Emporio Armani Caffé in Paris while we were there. What an experience.

Emporio Armani Caffé is the chic Italian restaurant in Paris Latin Quarter situated in 149 Boulevard Saint-Germain, a fancy district of Paris full of branded shops. Just next to it, there is a Caron shop and just up the street, is Ralph’s, the Ralph Lauren restaurant. We decided to hit 2 birds with 1 rock while going there by visiting Le Pont de l’Archevêché and then grab our lunch at the Emporio Armani Caffé; we were starving when we’ve reached it.

Once in front of it, I first took a picture of the place then my boyfriend waved at a waiter to get us 2 seats. Since it was pretty crowded outside and we were a bit cold, we asked for a table indoors and this is where things went south.

The waiter said to us word for word translated in English: “Why ? Don’t you like outside huh?” This, this was the first sign. He then directed us with a blank face to his colleague indoors asking if they had any free seats. Once we got our table, we received the menus. Browsing throughout the menus on an empty stomach, we could go for anything, but we didn’t had much choices as it wasn’t diverse; not a big problem. So, we close our menus flat on the table and wait for a waiter to assist us to get our order; literally 20 minutes later, a waiter decided to react to my boyfriend’s arm movements and finally took our order with still that face we’ve mentioned.

About the food. The food was excellent (sadly.) My boyfriend ordered an all-time favorite & classic : Spaghetti Carbonara and for me, it was: Seafood Aglio Olio and to accompany the whole, a whisky for him and Squeezed melon juice in a wine glass for me (It had a special name, but I forgot.)

His Spaghetti Carbonara were near perfection; the right amount of cheese and bacon, Al-dente cooking, it was a real delight but as most luxury restaurants, the proportions were little. Same goes for my Seafood Aglio Olio, just enough seafood to flavour the whole meal without ruining it; and of course, to finish the whole, my boyfriend wanted an espresso and was expecting a proper coffee for this price, but it was regular Illy Coffee, so he passed.

Things got weird, we were quite mad with the whole snobby service, we felt unwanted as paying customers. With the food being so delicious, it was hard to be happy and mad at the same time so we decided to leave the restaurant.

A question that came to a lot of people when we told them that we ate over-there was: “What about the bill ? How much did it cost to eat there?” Well, when it comes to money, ironically, all the waiters are eager to give you that check, but in our opinion, it was over-priced. We paid a little bit more than €100 for two. We didn’t have much change on us, so we had to put a €500 bill on the table. The bill sat there for 20 minutes without anyone caring for it! It was staggering to see the staff walking next to it, looking at it and not taking it. That was the cherry on top.

In conclusion, Emporio Armani Caffé was an experience, but not all positive. The food was excellent, but the service was pathetic. Basically, if you do not look “Fancy”, you will receive a cold service and get “snobbed” at. I am disappointed, same goes for my boyfriend. We were so excited to finally eat there, but walked out of it with a sour taste our mouths; a taste of deception.

Have you ever ate there? What was your experience? Let us know! 

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