I am Crystine Koh.

I am a multi-disciplinary Professional Makeup Artist & Founder of Not A Makeup Blog. I am from Malaysia but currently living in France. I’ve graduated in multiple fields of studies (Sales, Management & MUA) back in Asia. I’ve worked for L’oreal and Giorgio Armani as a Beauty Advisor & Makeup Artists in Singapore before moving to France.

As a lot of young girls, I self-taught Makeup and quickly enjoyed it; now I work with Photographers for their shoots, Films & events. Recently, I discover the art of crafting. I was always a “DIY” type of person, so I start to include some of that crafting into my Makeup and/or stand alone artworks. From Paper Crafts to Sewing, I try do so as much as I can.

What do I do here: I am a writer and concept creator for Not A Makeup Blog.

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I am Nikolas Ardeley.

My name is Nikolas Ardeley, a multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer from France. I’ve been living in Asia, between Singapore & Malaysia since 2008. Graduated from a Visual Communication degree in Singapore in late 2012, I started my career as a Street Artist back in Europe in my youth, but moved to a more commercial side of the design world during my studies. I always try new areas of design, learn as much as I can from each.

Before starting design, I was following a medical program to be nurse (yes, a nurse of 2m high!) I taught myself on how to use Photoshop & Illustrator just for the fun of it. I was editing my friends photos on Facebook or trying to re-create stuff from Jared Nickerson under Ai. During my studies, I learned all the fundamentals of design, learned to use new software such as InDesign. Once graduated, I needed a new challenge; this is where 3D came along. Self-taught Cinema 4D, it opened new horizons for me; Motion Graphics being one of it.

What do I do here: I am the Art Director, Graphic & Web Designer, Writer of Not A Makeup Blog.

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I am Cecile Zanetti.

I am a Lighting Designer from France! I am the creator of the illustrated comics “Meet the Chicks” on Tumblr. I’ve met Crystine & Niko back in Singapore before I went to study Textile Design in Le Quai, Ecole supérieur d’art de Mulhouse for 4 years. I am currently working in an artisanal candy shop in Paris. Oh, and I have a weird attachement to Minions… Yep.

What do I do here: I am the Illustrator for Not A Makeup Blog.

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